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Great service, work was done on time.

Diego Oliden

Great service and job was done in a very timely manner I will definitely return for any other work I need on my Range Rover.

Arthon Tillett

Great service, Very customer friendly!


I am very glad that I found Eurozone, Ronaldo is very easy to work with and he fixed my car. You can’t ask for more.

Rhona Singer

OMG….I actually found Eurozone by searching through yelp and I was very nervous because I had never had my Land Rover serviced outside of the dealership. The warranty just ended and therefore, I wanted a reputable and knowledgeable repair shop to start building a relationship with. Because let’s face it, we all know the prices after the warranty ends! I was having a sluggish engine with a loss of power and the check engine light was on. So I needed a diagnosis and an estimate ASAP. Keep in mind, it’s $150 dollars at the dealership just for them to look at it. Ronaldo pulled the codes, told me what I needed and the estimate. I thanked him and pulled out my wallet to pay for the diagnosis and he said “NO CHARGE…I ONLY SPENT A FEW MINUTES LOOKING AT IT”! I was sold right on the spot. We made an appointment for the work, it was done and my car feels better than new. I”m not knocking dealerships, because they usually do a great job. But when you can find a gem of a repair shop in the neighborhood AND save money, it’s a win win. This guy is phenomenal and the shop is as clean as a whistle. If you need a repair done, run….don’t walk, (this is a FULL auto repair shop). Can’t sing his praises enough!!!! PS…when you go in, talk with him. His entire approach and philosophy about car repair is awesome.


Ronaldo was very professional and accommodating. He allowed me to drop my car off on a Saturday even though he wasn’t open, and called me with frequent updates as the status of my repair developed. He offered lower cost options and never seemed incentivized to up sell me. I would return visit.

Guy Ritch

Ron helped me out a great deal. Honest, good dude. Just moved out here from NY and am glad to find someone local who I can trust with my Audi. DId right by me on price and helped a bunch with info and advice on my car.

Jerritt Simmers

Ronaldo was a champ and I am very pleased with the work he did on my VW golf Gti. He was up front and honest with the repairs I needed, and super fast about getting the work done. I have a couple more things to do to the car in order for it to be in top shape, and I will definitely be taking it to Eurozone motors to get it done!

Marianne Smith

Rinaldo is very courteous and professional and probably the most fair mechanic I’ve met in Los Angeles.

Alex Prusmack

Wonderful place to bring your foreign vehicles.

Darren Perry

Know what to do on my car good mechanic

John Hamilton

Friendly and informative. Does good work and will give helpful advice. Highly recommend.

Palau Giulio

Could not have been more pleased in finding Ronaldo at Eurozone Motors ! Ronaldo was very thorough in descriping repairs needed to my front and rear brakes and the costs was significantly less than the Land Rover dealership. I will not hesitate in going back to Eurozone for all my future car service needs.

Chris Abbott

Great service, fast and efficient. Do recommend it.

Felipe Di Lima

Eurozone are professional, fast and well priced. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I will be back whenever I need maintenance on my Range Rover!

Brian Latimer

Ronaldo was very welcoming with my requests and promised to look at everything. He was knowledgable and friendly and guaranteed his work would speak for itself. I’m confident my car will run great. 10/10

Cooper Lanning

Great professional service. I will not take my car anywhere else. Reynaldo is honest and explains everything when it comes to repairing your vehicle. Very happy I have a new mechanic.

Howard Thomas

Great service, really nice guy, and definitely will use in the future!


Very happy I met Ronaldo @ Eurozone. You’re not going to find a more honest and respectable business owner. Ronaldo knows his trade, very, very knowledgeable. While you wait you get to hang out with Marley. I’ll be back.

Salvatore Constabile

The best garage I have ever been to! My Mini Cooper runs better than ever before and the work and attention to detail is phenomenal. Eurozone will be the only car garage I go to from now on. Thank you so much for getting the Mini back on the road! It runs like a dream!

Nicola Phillips

Ronaldo is probably the most experienced, honest, and courteous mechanic I’ve ever spoken to. I brought my new to me Volvo in to him this morning, without an appointment, just to see if he could take a look at it. Not only did he stop what he was doing to speak to me at length, he let me leave it with him so he could take a look. I live around the corner so this wasn’t a problem. Within a couple of hours, he called and asked if I wanted to come by; said he had my car in the air and he wanted to show me a few things. Now, this is the part that really got me. Not only did he go over the car with me, he gave me an extremely honest opinion about what should be done, what could wait, and how to manage in the meantime. I’m not familiar with cars but I do know that he could have talked me into spending a ton of money. BUT- he didn’t even try. Instead, he gave me his expert opinion. I could have walked out willingly spending thousands but I didn’t have to. I’ve never had an experience like this, a truly honest guy who wasn’t trying to make a buck off of my misfortune. After this experience, I can safely say that I’ll never go anyplace else. This guy is a rare find. If you’re like me and don’t know a whole lot about cars, you’ve probably had an unpleasant experience or two where you’ve maybe felt taken advantage of. No more. I can say with confidence after today’s experience that Ronaldo is an honest guy and will be my go to mechanic from now on.

Chase P.
Edmond N.

I’m sold! Meaning, this place is too close to home for me not to come back. The owner is super sweet, and straight to the point with your vehicle. He is also knowledgable. Prices are reasonable, too! The other mechanic is friendly as well. The shop is clean, there’s Wi-Fi, coffee (if you drink that stuff), and other places nearby if you don’t want to wait inside. I would recommend this business!

Bella B.

I just want to state i have had a lot bad service from mechanics it was GREAT to FINALLY fine someone who so honest and an expert on mercedes I highly recommend Renaldo and EUROZONE I wont go any where else now.

Mary A.

I’ve been taking my cars (a couple of audi a4’s, VW GLI’s, and an Audi RS4) to another shop for many years. However their rates kept climbing up on me, and I was starting to feel like I was being overcharged on unnecessary service and parts. During my recent problem I was given an astronomical quote, and that was it… I was done. After doing extensive research, and checking in with some fellow enthusiasts, I heard about Ronaldo. I explained the issues that I was having with my RS4, and he promptly responded with an extremely meticulous evaluation of the problems that needed to be addressed. He explained everything in a clear and concise manner, and even provided a few pics of the progress. Ronaldo’s service and know-how are impeccable. I am relieved to have found a skilled, and fair mechanic who I can trust to work on my car.

Joshua M.

GREAT SERVICE AND VERY HONEST! Eurozone took care of my Mini Cooper that had over 200k miles on it. It had many issues like oil leaks, clunking noise, broken axle & a busted cooling fan. I can’t believe I was riding my car like this for I don’t know how long. Ronaldo was able to find all the leaks and repaired everything else and now my car has no leaks, no clunking and runs GREAT! He even washed all oil build up that was underneath the car. That shows that Ronaldo will go an extra step to take care of his customers. Thanks Eurozone! I will be back for future repairs!

Daniel J.

I knew my Audi was losing coolant but I couldn’t locate the leak. Ronaldo diagnosed the problem, actually several leaking hoses and connections, and fixed everything perfectly. He saved the old parts and explained the problem on each. It was clear to me that he knows Audis very well, so I was confident in his diagnostic and repairing capabilities. My car runs great now – no leaks, problem solved. He also advised me on upcoming maintenance issues, which we’ll get to on future visits. I will be back. I highly recommend Eurozone Motors.

Dale C.

I love my car and I only ever want a ‘guy’ and place I can trust. And now, I gotta ‘guy.’ Ronaldo and Eurozone are great people. I heard of him through a friend and they just opened, so I figured that helps — turns out they’re really hungry and they’re great!

Matt Orser

Eurozone is a solid shop that really knows cars! I highly recommend going there for ANYTHING. Ronaldo really took care of my Audi and explained everything he did in great detail. I am very particular who works and my baby and now glad to have a shop around that I 100% trust and do amazing work! Thank you Eurozone Motors!!

Ed H.
Monica H.

Ronaldo is a great dude. I think that’s pretty much the most important thing to me when I leave ‘my baby’ with a mechanic. Anybody can fix cars. But not everbody is a good enough person that will make sure you’re satisfied and taken care of. Ronaldo and Eurozone have that vibe. I won’t be going anywhere else now. And this is the first time I have ever written a review.

Matt O.

Brought my BMW over because I was smelling gas after driving. Turns out my gas tank had a small crack in it. Ronaldo was very attentive and helpful. He brought me over to see where the gas was leaking from. He also noticed a screw on my oil pan was broken and it leaking as well. I was super low on oil and I would have never noticed. I always think poorly about automotive shops since I’ve had bad experiences in the past. Glad to say I’ve found a new home for my BMW. Its a great feeling to be able to trust your mechanic! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Leandro H.