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At Eurozone Motors, we work hard to make sure your European vehicle stays on the road and keeps you safe. Regardless of whether you own a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Land Rover, Fiat, Maserati or any other type of European vehicle, you need to make sure your brake system is in good working order at all times. Some of the common items in need of repair are:

Warped Rotors – Warped rotors tend to be more common in newer vehicles, but it can happen on any disc brake system. Rotors end up warping from not being tightening properly or overheating. When the rotors are warped, it makes your brakes pulsate, which is dangerous and annoying.

Wheel Bearings – Bad wheel bearings can cause problems similar to warped rotors. Excessive rotor runout often comes before the wheel bearing starts making noise. If the bearings aren’t checked during an inspection, you could end up having to replace your new brakes quicker than you think.

Suspension Bushing Failure – Vehicles with multi-link suspension systems and those with rear-mounted control arm bushing can end up developing a shimmy that makes the driver think their brakes are bad. Damaged, cracked or worn bushings make it difficult for your control arms to move side-to-side. These problems commonly occur in BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, VW and Lexus vehicles with more than 60,000 miles on them.

Wear – Your braking system works hard. The pads tend to take a lot of the punishment. Because of this, you should have the pads checked every six months or so. If you hear grinding, squeaking or can’t stop as quickly, that often means something is going on with your brakes.

Brake Flush – Many people don’t realize that your brake fluid needs to be flushed on a regular basis. Brake fluid tends to absorb the water in the atmosphere, which can cause corrosion and contamination. This is why it is so important to flush your braking system every couple of years.

If you have any questions, our team at Eurozone Motors will be happy to answer them for you.